BAG010- Yoga Gym Bag

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TWL-BAG010 : Multipurpose Layer Zipper Pockets Sport Yoga Gym Plain Bag
BD Style : Wet and Dry Place Separate Bag with Big Large Capacity Travel Bag

Product Information
  • Softness : Soft
  • Thickness : Standard
  • Material : Nylon Polyester
  • Capacity : 36 - 55 L
  • Weight : 0.55 kg
  • Size cm : 49 (Length) x 25 (Height) x 25 (Wide) x 16 (Handle)
✓ Wear-Resistant / Anti-wrinkle
✓ Waterproof bag
✓ Ventilation 
✓ Adjustable Length of Bag Handle 
✓ Wet and Dry Place Separation 
✓ Customized your own logo design (Embroidery)
✓ High Quality with Reasonable Price

* Measurement may vary +/- 5%
* Actual colours may vary from colours shown on your screen.
* Products may have colour tolerances batch by batch due to the colour dye process standard.

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Display Multifunctional Layer Zipper Wet and Dry Separation Storage Handle Bag.

Black bag

Dark Grey bag

Light Gray bag

Army Green bag

Red bag

Dark Purple bag

Light Purple bag

Dark Forest Green bag

Blue bag

Pink bag

Display Bottom Wide Large Capacity Bag.

Display Multifunctional Handle Bag.

  • 10 Colours : Red / Purple / Light Purple / Navy / Black / Dark Gray / Light Grey / Pink / Army Green / Dark Forest Green

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BAG010- Yoga Gym Bag

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