Security Guard Safety Vest (RV006)

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Quick Overview:

TWL-RV006 : Construction Reflective Safety Vest Loose Sleeveless
KY Style : Comfortable Heavy Duty Safety Convenience Zipper Reflective Vest.
Kemudahan Pembukaan Zip Rompi Dengan 360 Darjah Pita Reflektif Keselamatan.

Product Information:

Material : 120g Knitted Fabric
Size : 68cm (Length) x 116cm (Chest)
Cutting : Loose
Softness : Soft
Elasticity : Inelastic
Thickness : Thin
Lustre Scale : High
2 Colours : Fluorescent Yellow / Orange

✓ Wrinkle-Resistant 
✓ Wear-Resistant 
✓ High Ventilation / Breathable 
✓ Moisture Absorption 
✓ Very Soft Comfortable 
✓ 360° Reflective Technology Safeguard / Around body
✓ Customized your own logo design (print and heat transfer)
✓ High Quality with Reasonable Price

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Fluorescent Yellow

Fluorescent Orange

Display Safety Vest Zipper 

Display Safety Vest Reflective Tape 

Display Best Side Hemming

Suitable for : Heavy Duty, Security Guard, Construction, Logistics, Landscaping Project, Safety Depot, Storage, Warehouse Store Keeper, Airfield Airport Duty, Sport (Hiking, Cycling, Adventure, Take Risks etc...)

Sesuai untuk : Pekerja Am, Pekerja yang tahan lasak, Polis, Pengawal Keselamatan, Rondaan, Pembinaan, Logistik, Projek Landskap, Depot Keselamatan, Stor Penyimpanan, Berbasikal Menunggang Motosikal dan sebagainya.

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Security Guard Safety Vest (RV006)

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  • Weight (GRAM) :120
  • Dimension : 0 CM x 58 CM x 68 CM